Real Estate Investing

Calgary Commercial Real EstateReal estate investing should be a part of every portfolio. Aspire Property analyses and selects markets with significant growth potential throughout the USA and Canada for the best value-add projects that maximise  cash-flow, security, principle pay down, tax depreciation and appreciation of the asset.

We only focus our real estate investing in a stable market with an expected occupancy rate of 95% or higher; a local economic forecast focusing on growth and stability for 7 years or greater, and a good diversity and sustainability of employment. We will only purchase in areas where there is a predictable path of progress. Real estate investing needs to be practised in the best market with the best prospects we do not ‘ buy’ cash flow or invest for appreciation unless we can force it with improvements, re-positioning and additional revenue streams.

Short Term 6 mth – 2 years

These are a select portfolio of construction projects for short term investment purposes, can be speculative. We do not focus on these types of investments.

Medium Term 2-3 years

Real estate investing buying under value ‘non- performing’ assets with a purchase structured for significant upside potential, which can include: renovation, reposition, re-branding or re-marketing of the asset. Refinancing after improvements effectively obtains assets for zero or low capital input, returning the investment and providing ongoing returns to investors. These properties then typically become:

Longer Term 5+ Year Hold Properties.

Buy and hold properties which are good solid investments and may require a smaller amount of longer term restructuring or rent recalibration. These are typically larger properties in larger local economies, with a purchase structured below market value.

We consider these properties a secure investment that provide cash-flow, interest and equity appreciation. They are flexible in that they can use significant leverage but also, used for secondary finance and additional leverage to provide equity for other property investments.