Real Estate – Asset Management

Asset Management can manage Real Estate in a number of different ways to suit various investment purposes. Growth; income, appreciation, capitol preservation and tax reduction are just some of those reasons you will need a good Asset Management company. Paper assets and commodities hold some part of every good portfolio however Commercial Real Estate is one of those assets that all investors should hold because it is a tangible entity. However as a physical entity it needs a good Asset Management company to make the asset perform to its maximum capability.

At Aspire Property Group our Asset Management takes the headache out of Real Estate by purchasing; renovating, re-positioning and ultimately running assets day to day. We operate within local and national legislation and to BOMA’s standards. Appraisals, inspections, permits, contractors we deal with them all.  With a number of different strategies we manage assets for the investor and for their required needs.

Some investors are interested in cash flow; money that their Commercial Real Estate produces each month as part of their portfolio’s income.

1.1Other investors require a short term growth strategy. Looking for a product that can be invested in over a few years that improves not only the cash flow but also grows the total asset value. They can then look to sell or re-finance the asset to effectively buy the commercial Real Estate for little or no effective capitol outlay over the period.

Appreciation investors look for long term growth with a safe place to invest their money effectively letting the asset appreciate with time. This strategy is often used by foreign investors.

Your asset and its efficiency and protection are our prime concern. Each Asset is protected by  two legal entities which hold the building and its management in separate companies protecting the investors from each other and the management of the asset. Each entity is insured  for the liability, the structure, and the income . So that the in any event the investor is covered.

Aspire Property Group controls costs and projects costs forward, schedules required maintenance and recovers the tax schedule for each asset so that there are no surprises in the coming years. We maintain high capital reserves so that the asset is always well funded keeping any financing secure. We keep an eye on the local and sub-local market so that our income is always maintained

Whatever your needs, talk to us and we have a strategy to fulfil your investment requirements asset management