How We Work

Aspire Property Group is a private real estate company providing investment and accommodation solutions in Canada and the USA.


“To provide affordable, quality and safe housing solutions for our Customers, while maintaining value for our partners and investors.”

Mission Statement

To provide safe, economical housing solutions to fixed and middle-income customers.

Our corporate values are: mutual respect, teamwork, trust, honesty, social responsibility and safety.

Our partners have over 100 years of combined business, real estate and management experience. We have previous experience in buying, repositioning and renovating properties in the United Kingdom, New Zealand , Australia, US and Canada with plans to expand and capitalise on key identified US and Canadian markets.

Our corporate values are:  mutual respect, teamwork, trust, honesty, social responsibility and safety.

Within our group (including other partners) we have experience in managing over 83,000 apartment units in the US and Canada. Buying; renovating and improving the financial performance of each asset. Our legal team are cross border specialists in corporations registered in both the US and Canada. Our experience pre-approves us for any apartment asset in our chosen market up to $20M USD with 20% down payment and we have access to a number of Bank REO’s and other off-market properties.

Future direction

Our current project focus involves multi-unit apartment complexes in a number of American markets that we have analysed and chosen from specific criteria.  Our value based approach is structured to maximize the return from the USA market for Canadian based parties. We are currently raising cash (Starting at $150,000) for a calculated preferential return rate of 5-8% * plus an equity position.  The project goal is to force appreciation and cash-flow via renovations and return all equity to investors within 3 years, in effect giving investors part ownership of the apartment complex for free, giving an infinite return rate. We would then ask investors if they wish to invest in further projects to ‘pick up’ other free buildings in select markets. In this way we intend to build a portfolio of assets recycling the same capital.