Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate is a We locate and find Commercial Real Estate for our accredited investors in economically productive areas and in a number of classes:


aimages Commercial Real Estate classes:

Office buildings : A good solid piece of real Estate which will serve for many years, nearly all white collar workers require good quality air conditioned and quiet workspace.

Retail: Whether Regional or Local Power Centers, Strip or Neighbourhood Malls retail is a great investment.

Warehousing: Warehousing can comprise of industrial, self storage and documentation. Warehousing can be divided between a number of tenants to position the building securely.

Flex space: Property which can be quickly changed and altered at the tenants expense to accommodate office, retail, service warehousing and a number other uses. This is a good solid safe investment as it can be repositioned with a new tenants to suit the economic situation.

Commercial Real Estate properties like these can all be re-positioned by putting the correct tenants in and also by making sure the tenants complement each other. By doing this the tenants work with each other and attract the same client base thus becoming more profitable themselves allowing for increased rents and income on the property.

It is important that investing in commercial property is done at the right point in the property cycle, both nationally and locally. Often many foreign investors look to the US and Canada as they are seen as very safe places to hold Commercial Real Estate.